Starting patients on anticoagulants in secondary care: how to do it

This module provides essential information for healthcare professionals in secondary care on starting anticoagulants safely and effectively. It is based on the best available evidence.

Learning outcomes

After completing this module you should:
  • Understand the indications and contraindications of different anticoagulant drugs, including the newer anticoagulants
  • Be familiar with the starting doses of oral and injectable anticoagulant drugs and how to monitor these
  • Know how to reverse the effects of anticoagulant drugs
  • Appreciate the importance of giving patients adequate information about their proposed therapy and know what issues to cover
  • Understand the importance of prescribing anticoagulants for atrial fibrillation and prevention of stroke.

Updated by:

Rashid Kazmi, Izabela James


David Fitzmaurice, Ellen Murray

Peer reviewed by:

Caroline Baglin